Hazardous Environment

Werecheetah Shifters, Book #2

Overcoming anger to fall in love.

Root woman Donna Tucker made a mistake. A person died on her watch, no thanks to tainted roots and herbs that were meant to heal. Now she must trace her steps to where her stash came from and stop a modern-day plague from destroying a small town.

She’s not going alone.

Werecheetah Ronan McCleary would rather see her pay for killing his coalition’s matriarch than to accompany her anywhere. He believes she’s responsible and the only thing this trip is doing is delaying the inevitable. Her death.

But death is hunting them both.

The residents of Seclusion, North Carolina have an unseen force in their midst that has control over the town’s most influential people. There are those who’ll do anything–kill anyone–to keep the secret of the Davenport Foundation. A lowly root woman and her werecheetah companion are no match for them.

And they won’t be unless they can put their differences aside and work together to survive the night. Of course, that would mean having to survive each other as their hearts brave a Hazardous Environment.

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